Skin Stories

presentation by Zane Berzina

Learning from Nature and Facing the Future - The Challenge of Hybrid Practices

This presentation offers an insight into the research and ideas that informed the development of Zane Berzina's 'Skin Stories' project. It will be a case study of Zane Berzina's cross-disciplinary Ph.D. research which dealt with issues across the fields of design, art, technology, biology, material science and psychology in an attempt to bridge the gap between aesthetics and technology.

During the presentation the artist, designer and researcher will reflect on her artistic investigation which examines skin as a naturally intelligent material on the premise that it can serve both as model and metaphor for creating innovative textile systems, which look, behave or feel like skin. Attention will be focused on the living skin "technology", meaning its complex working mechanisms, and how these have been translated into a textiles vocabulary following the principles of a biomimetic design. The talk will examine and explain a range of smart textile concepts for both the body and its various environments developed during this project using new materials and technologies.

This presentation is a part of the Art & Science seminar organized by the British Council in Latvia and facilitated by the Swedish School of Economics in Riga, Latvia. Other invited speakers include Dr Mark Miodownik, NESTA Fellow and founder of the Materials Library (UK) and Dr Ken Arnold, Wellcome Trust London (UK).