Hypertext Project

presentation - Haralds Matulis, (LV)

The aim of Hypertext Project is to create a certain corpus of literary texts written by Latvian prose-writers (about 40 participants). These, displayed in a web page and engined by a special software, will provide readers of this text-corpus with an opportunity to travel from one text to another preserving coherence, continuity and unity of the narrative. The essential idea of the project is to make this travelling meaningful by hyperlinking not only similar words but some larger and more meaningful sections of texts.

In the long run Hypertext Project is aiming to connect not only different literary texts, but also artworks of different kinds - paintings, sculpture, film, music, literature, giving the "reader" the possibility to travel between them. The hypothesis is that all or a vast majority of artworks has something in common, if not with each other then with a large part of their counterparts.

During the presentation, Haralds Matulis, Producer of Hypertext Project, will introduce the participants with the ideas behind this initiative