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As a result of this cross-disciplinary project an interactive textile system is developed, informed by the research, that suggests ways in which electrostatic can play an important part in the construction of interactive environment scenarios.

A deeper understanding of the subject is achieved through an interpretation of the charges into human sensorial modalities - vision and hearing. Therefore this playful and fully analogue concept offers new sensory experiences to its viewers.

The electronic textile acts as a static mirror responding to the usually invisible charges generated by people interacting with materials and making them visible. Equipped with tiny LED lights, transistors and woven electronic circuits seamlessly integrated into the electronic textiles structure, the installation is able to create transient shadows on the textile display in areas which detect a presence of electrostatic fields, feeding on the charges created by viewers and objects. Simultaneously it acts as a simple sonic instrument in response to the presence and intensity of charges and human proximity.


'E-Static Shadows' explores the potential for technology that allows us to interact with the omnipresent but hidden electrostatic world, create our own transient shadows and listen in as the textile reacts to our actions.

It is expected that the findings and the outcomes of the research will contribute to the knowledge and understanding in the fields of electrostatic, smart textiles, soft technologies and interactive environments in particular as well as interactive art and design in general.